The Biggest Wins At Online Casinos Of All Times

Most people spend their weekends in online casinos, not just to have some fun but also to try their luck in winning it. When we enter a casino, we think of winning as we like to dream big. However, in online casinos, some days might be profitable while some may not. So, instead of looking into the negative sides, let us take a look at some of the biggest wins in online casinos that blew people’s minds.

  1. Win of D.P. on iPad

When anyone logs into an online casino site, they are unaware of how much they might make that day. Similarly, D.P. She is a player who logged into Zodiac casino from her iPad. When she started playing the Mega Moolah, little did she know that a sudden spinning would make her a millionaire immediately. Depositing $1, D.P. received 7.9 million as her winning amount.

  • Mega Moolah win of Rawiri Pou

Last year, on June 17th, Rawiri Pou chose to play casino online on the official website of Casino Land. He entered the casino site only to have some fun that night. Hardly did he know that it would be a memorable night for him. He wanted to check his luck on the Mega Moolah without knowing about winning N.Z. $10,144,395.8. After winning big, he wanted to spend it on his family.

  • Win of a Norwegian student

Due to lack of sleep, a Norwegian student decided to log into to spin some reels and try his luck. To his surprise, he won USD 13 million. As a result, he lost his sleep, and there was a super-high adrenaline rush for the rest of the night.

  • The jackpot win of Jonathan Heywood

The British soldier Jonathan Heywood opened an account in Betway and twenty-five minutes later achieved a historic win. However, despite Jonathan Heywood’s game, he took a handsome amount of 13.2 million British pounds. In an interview, when he was asked about what he would do with that money, he said that he would buy a luxurious Bentley and take his family for a holiday on a European cruise. Later, in a follow-up interview, he revealed that most of the money was used for investment purposes and to meet the expenses of his father’s medical treatment.

  • Finnish player wins big with 25 cents

Even if the amount with which the Finnish player decided to play casino is nothing extraordinary, but he never expected to win that big. This Finnish player decided to spin some reels in the Mega Fortune, and to his utter surprise, he won one of the biggest jackpots that made history. His winning amount was $24 U.S.

  • Scotland guy winning big in an hour

In 2017, Neil from Scotland deposited a moderate amount of USD 50 in the online casino Casumo. Within an hour, he gained USD 8 million. Then, out of joy, he called his wife and asked whether this was a dream or reality.


Therefore, magic does happen. So, if you too want to create history in casinos, start playing online casinos today.