The Most Common Gambling Superstitions among Casino Players

Gambling, both offline and online, is purely a game of chance. On some days, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors, while on others, you end up with big losses. Every gambler goes through his made-up superstitions that they fully believe in. Some of them are certain signs and symbols are lucky, and specific colors, behaviors, and etiquette must be followed to attract luck and ward off bad luck. The top 7 gambling superstitions from throughout the world are listed here.

Numbers that are lucky and numbers that are unlucky

Various people have different ideas about which numbers offer good luck and which ones are bad luck, especially for experienced yet superstitious gamblers.

The number 13 is regarded as unfortunate in Western culture, even frightening in some situations. It is related to the occult and the paranormal, and it brings calamity. The phobia of the number 13 is so widespread in Western societies that buildings and elevators in certain nations avoid using it. When it comes to roulette, gamblers are especially wary of the number 13, although many think and believe that this number gives them good luck.

Almost every gambler thinks of the number 7 as a lucky number. It symbolizes wealth and has a unique connotation at online gambling casinos, particularly for people who enjoy playing online slots and certain blackjack versions.

It’s all about the statistics for East Asian gamblers. The way gamblers play casino games is influenced by Chinese numerology. In general, casino gamblers will avoid number 4 at all costs because it sounds suspiciously close to the Cantonese translation of die. When the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are joined with the number 8, however, they offer good fortune. Understanding the entire concept of Chinese numerology is exceedingly difficult, but the most essential thing to do is to neglect number 4 and avail of everything that is around number 8.

To look or not to look, that is the question

For others, this is superstition, but I believe it is a mix of exhilaration and worry that even experienced gamblers experience from time to time.

Some people believe that if they look away or leave the table completely, they will win the jackpot. This superstition has spread to other human pursuits, such as when people compete and prefer to turn aside when the results are announced after their performances. There are however those who believe that even if you look aside for a split second, the good luck wears off and you are instead greeted with ill luck.

The color red denotes wealth

Among gamblers all around the world, red has traditionally been associated with good fortune. It is a lucky color according to Chinese when gambling at casinos, hence this concept started in Asia. Whether you see it in daily life or on the gambling table, red is associated with prosperity and good fortune. To boost their chances of winning at casino games, gamblers who plan to win will prepare and wear red-colored attire at all times.

Do not keep track of the money on the table

Many gamblers that play casino games consider not keeping track of the money as a myth. It is considered as an unfortunate deed to count money in front of others, while some consider it poor etiquette because such gestures come across as rude and unprofessional.


Have you ever experience it that whenever your palms start to itch, people will tell you that money is coming to you? This is a Serbian and Bulgarian invention. Itchy hands are considered a sign of bad luck in Bulgaria. There’s a good probability you’ll lose money if you try to gamble on the same day your hands are itchy. Serbians, on the other hand, disagree. Itchy hands are thought to be a sign that you will earn or win money in their country. Serbians take advantage of the belief that their palm will get irritation when they are going to win money that is why they gamble on this myth.

Fortune is brought as a lucky charm

Gamblers bring a variety of fortunate charms into the casino, including rabbit feet, clover, horseshoes, and four-leaved clover. However, many people see that murdering rabbits for their feet is wrong, and as a result, this superstitious belief is quickly fading.

Crossing fingers, arranging chips in specific patterns, blowing on the dice, and yelling your number out before rolling the dice are just a few of the rituals that bring good fortune to gamblers.

Don’t lend any money

Many gamblers have the belief that lending money to other players will bring them bad luck. Some people believe that giving money away is tantamount to tempting fate. But, as soon as you lend money for the purpose of gambling, there’s a 50% chance you won’t see your money again, which is certainly bad luck in and of itself.

Gamblers and non-gamblers alike can realize their dreams of winnings the tables at a casino in a variety of ways. If your superstitions aren’t destructive, go to the casino and have a good time, and wish you the sides of Casino’s Gods.